The Science Shift (E2209-38)

Pennsylvania released new standards which require a large change in instructional practices for science teachers. Three-dimensional teaching is the key for teaching with the new PA Integrated Science Standards. In this micro-course, you will get a glimpse of the three-dimensional science lesson and take a shallow dive into each of the three dimensions.

Course Author: Sarah Brambley, Alice Flarend, Kevin McC...

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  • Part 1: Penny Investigation
  • Penny Investigation
  • Penny Reflection
  • Flipping Science Lessons
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Cross-Cutting Concepts
  • RESOURCE: NGSS Classroom Posters
  • RESOURCE: Cross-Cutting Concepts Graphic Organizers
  • Part 2: Three-Dimensional Learning
  • Three Dimensions of Learning in the New Science Standards
  • What is Three-Dimensional Learning? | NGSS
  • Classroom Footage
  • Additional Info: The 3 Dimensions and PA Integrated Standards
  • Part 3: Next Steps
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