Instructional Technology Tools

Parlay into Powerful Classroom Discussions (E2208-25)

In today's world, we are commonly presented with alternative perspectives and strong opinions. Whether on social media or in person, our students are also involved in rich conversations. In this micro-course, explore a tool we can use to help students learn how to engage in respectful, meaningful discussions. Learn how to use Parlay, a platform that makes it easy to facilitate, measure, and assess student-driven discussions – in person and online.

Course Author: Christine Davis

  • Welcome
  • Discussion in the Classroom
  • The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies
  • Techniques for Questioning Students During Discussions
  • Techniques for Responding to Students During Discussions
  • Plan for Parlay
  • Using the Parlay Features
  • Parlay Introduction
  • Parlay Universe
  • Explore the Parlay Universe
  • Written Roundtable
  • Verbal Roundtable
  • Tutorials for Students
  • Inviting Students
  • Considering Parlay for Your Classroom
  • Parlay into a Powerful Discussion
  • Facilitating Discussions
  • Assessing Discussions in Parlay
  • Take Action
  • Share Your Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever